by Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue, at Dansaterliers and the streets of Amsterdam North​​​​​​​

Noortje Bijvoets

"I HAVE LIVED EVERYWHERE BUT HERE: installation builds an artificial landscape from dismantled theatre apparatus and performance debris. This transdisciplinary collaboration amasses physical and virtual residue, which are transformed through scenography, live performance, digital art, film, and sound to construct a junk data universe.

The installation invites visitors to find belonging in strangeness, and proposes a deeper empathy for difference. How can we care for things that are unlike our selves, that we don’t immediately understand? How can you be close to a body you don’t yet know? How can we recognise we are already intertwined?

In a world that demands constant newness, we insist on looking deeply into its residue. A chimeric space of digital and analogue organs, I HAVE LIVED EVERYWHERE BUT HERE folds, unfolds, and enfolds a porous and fluid space for you to wander through.

This installation is a regenerative counterpart to a nomadic performance-intervention (by the same name), which follows a piece of “retired” dance floor out of the theatre and across cities." (Ashely Ho & Domenik Naue)
Lisa Reinheimer
Lisa Reinheimer
Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue

Jill Kupers, Myrthe Bokelmann

Developed at
Dansateliers, Workspacebrussels

Co produces by

Financial support
Janivo Stichting