'Nicht Bach, Sondern Meer sollte er heissen.'
'Nicht Bach, Sondern Meer sollte er heissen.' is a duet created together with my father. The creation of this piece grew out of a longing for connection. As father and daughter we wanted to create a ground for openness and honesty, and we used the art mediums each of us feel close to to work towards that. The piece therefore represents a process of rapprochement through playfulness, melancholy and nostalgia.


Concept and creation
Rijnhard and Myrthe Bokelmann

Rijnhard and Myrthe Bokelmann

Coaching and feedback
Carlijne Hertog & Aili Maruyama
Mary Bokelmann

Film documentation
Jelle Bokelmann

Made possible by
GAST in de Zomer 
KAVKA Oudaan