by Eilit Marom, at Korzo, The Hague ​​​​​​​
"Unforbidden pleasures are the ordinary pleasures we experience in life, they are immediate, evoke joy and triggered by perceiving the environment around us. On a daily basis we tend to miss the pleasure we find in simple actions, in being with others and in “the details” - moments and nuances that often happen spontaneously. In this Immersive performance a group of performers; a rapper, an acrobat, an actress and dancers go through a spectrum of joyful actions and interactions, each of them represents an unforbidden pleasure you can identify. Loud, poetic, natural and incidental, one can acknowledge joy and allow the ordinary to be pleasant. What we experience as pleasurable is set by our personal history and yet, our understanding is not purely subjective, it is also constructed by society and the media. In a wide sense, pleasure has a spectrum and there could be things we enjoy that we are not aware of." (Eilit Marom,
Eilit Marom

Julien Goudeleeuw, Simon Granit Ossoinak, Chandana Sarma, Myrthe Bokelmann, Veronica Totolo

Willemijnn van Gent
Joris Jong
Nick Livramento Silva
Daan Liu
Lonneke van der Palen

Kamee Frieling

Outside Eye 
Adam Nilissen

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Lonneke van der Palen
Matthijs Immink